Why Nigeria Needs Prayers


Fellow Nigerians,

Today marks another Democracy Day in our beloved country. A day like this is to evaluate our economy, education, security, infrastructures, health, sports, governance and so on.

In such a day as this our President will stand to address us. And his speech will include his achievements so far, his errors and the solutions he has found to the nation’s numerous errors everywhere.

I am not an APC apologist and I’ll never be. I have never been a fan of Mr. President and I won’t be either. But, in this kind of political mess we have found ourselves, I think we need prayers much more than any other thing.

Please, permit me to quickly share my reasons for a call to pray for Nigeria.

First and foremost, I know that President Buhari is not the major cause of our national problem but he has contributed greatly to it. He met the nation in a “bad” condition but he couldn’t maintain that “bad” environment.

Rather through his political dictatorship and unrealistic governmental mechanisms he has put more tears to an average Nigerian face. We need to pray that God touch his heart to get it right.

Secondly, when you look throughout the sudden rise to power of Fulani herdsmen, you’ll agree with me that we need prayers too. These demonic nomads have killed several innocent and harmless civilians all in the name of protecting their cattle.

They have killed our women, hacked our youths to death, finished the children and raped our girls. They did this in the North, and now committing this evil in the South East of the nation.

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But it is a pity that the Federal Government has not brought anyone to book. The herdsmen are given freelance to kill in my view. What do I mean? Till date no one is in custody! Till date, the Federal Government is not paying a better attention to this hellish act. So, we need prayers too.

Thirdly, the state of the President’s health remains unknown to us. The cabals are hiding the obvious. But, I’m glad the President isn’t lying to himself. Let me remind you that during the late Musa Yar’Adua’s health issue, Buhari was part of the comrades that called for his impeachment. He used the word “incapacitated”

Hmmm, it’s now his turn and I think the real person to be impeached is the current President because he is not functioning! Though, this is bringing series of debates and we just need to walk with care. However, we need to pray for our country.

Fourthly, the North is planning re-election for a sick President. And I ask, isn’t that demonic? We are to be thinking about how he will get well and to shun the evil loyalists like Rotimi Amaechi and northern lords canvassing for Buhari re-election come 2019 ! Sincerely, we need to pray for our nation.

Fifthly, there are too many sufferings in the land. It’s like what the Yorubas call “ejinrin ote…”! In the North we have unrest. It is the same in the South and East also.

And the West is not left out. There’s hardly any safe place in our land. There’s hike in electricity tariffs.  There are unpaid salaries in most of the states.  There is also scarcity of foods and several others.

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All these bring tears to a sane Nigerian. We have other nations around us that are doing well. But why’s our different? Our educational system is nothing good to really write on. Our health system is faulty too.

In fact, despite the millions of naira spent on our health the President still don’t have a mustard seed believe in the system.

My dear reader, I know you have your views too. But, I think there should be more on prayers now. Nigeria is our Jerusalem. We need to pray for her peace.

Sincerely, we need Him in Nigeria.

Come Lord, heal our land!

Happy Democracy Day Nigerians!

God bless Nigeria.


Balogun Oluwalonimi Mayowa

image: pininterest

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