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Singer and songwriter Nicole C. Mullen is thanking God for delivering her mother from cancer.

Mullen took to Instagram to share her joy with her fans.

“A few months ago, I asked you to pray for my mom. The doctors gave a not-so-good report and pushed for immediate surgery. We prayed, fasted, did our best to remain calm 🙂 and mom insisted that they run more tests…and then some… She would cooperate, but would ultimately trust the report of the Lord!” Mullen wrote.

Mullen says her mom maintained a positive attitude throughout the testing.

“The most beautiful thing about it is that mom had already decided to live to the fullest, regardless of the doctors’ reports… lol! If you ask her, she will tell you that she still has Nations and Generations to effect; starting with her newest, and first great, grandchild Elizabeth Grace!” She shared, along with a picture of her mom holding her grandchild.

Mullen frequently shares pictures of her mom on social media.

In March, she congratulated her mom for being ordained as a chaplain at 72 years of age.

Mullen credits her mom as the woman “who taught me how to worship.”

Now, the singer inspires thousands of others with her gospel music. Mullen was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame on November 5, 2011. She is the first and only African-American artist to win the Dove award for Song of the Year and Songwriter of the year.

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