Plans for an Islamic Nigeria

The urgent message below is the narrated personal experience of the UK coordinator of The Preacher. Make up your mind.

‘Please, can this be shared as you feel led? This happened to me.

I was in a mentorship group tutored by a lady in my church, an Australian (Caucasian/white) on Monday evening, 14th Sept 2020. She is 83 years old and had been the leader of the prayer team, deliverance & intercession for Kensington Temple, London, for over 30 years. She is currently a serving Pentecostal pastor in the Elim denomination.

While we were at prayers online, she asked, “Which of you is Nigerian?” The other ladies were Ghanaians and one Caribbean. I replied, “I am.” Then she said, “The Lord tells me that Nigeria is at the edge of going into something disastrous, except His people pray. I see the Nigerian coin with the emblem of palm trees, which represents fruitfulness and the strength of its people with a prophetic call to prayer; the enemy is seeking to change it to a Mullah location – the Muslim call to prayer.”

I told her what was being done: the ongoing 40 days of fasting & prayers, the 30 nations fasting and praying a day each through the 30 days of September for Nigeria, the things that the enemy was plotting to do, etc.

She was encouraged that we were rising up to pray and that other nations were joining us.

We should please, not take these days of prayer lightly. Thank you.

– Helen, London.

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Like Prophetess Anna in Luke 2:36-38, this aged intercessor raises the same recurrent alarm, from Nigeria’s colonial territory of England, about a determined Islamic plot against Nigeria.

It puts into focus the several new laws being craftily crafted, old laws being strangely reviewed in ways that would ultimately threaten Christianity, and jihadist terrorism streaming slowing across the land.

This revelation depicts that the deep state in Nigeria knows the game they are playing while they attempt to put everyone else in denial.  This call to prayer also means that the Islamic threat is real but reversible.

This is no time to sleep. Please,  share

Source: The Preacher