Daddy GO Dedicates N60m Cathedral in Kogi

A newly built N60m, 2600 sitting capacity Kogi Province 3 Redeem Christian Church of God Lokoja was dedicated by the National Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor J.F Adesola on Saturday.  Pastor Adeboye was represented by Pastor Adesola, he brought the good news of daddy Adeboye to Kogi State, he stated that Daddy Adeboye said, the people of Kogi State would experience new things henceforth, and declare the church as a place of grace.

The tears of the people of Kogi state will be wiped away by God, Adeboye declared, he also encouraged the religion in Nigerian to live in peace with one another.

Pastor Adesola encouraged the people from the book of Isaiah 43:19 to place themselves for the release of God’s blessings.  God is very much interested in the well being of his people, and the government should prioritize the welfare and well being of the people.

Pastor Adesola prayed that God will move Kogi state from it position and place it in a better place regardless of its present position, he also prayed for the government of the state.

Members of the Kogi state executives were appreciated by pastor Adesola for encouraging the work of God in the state.

Image- Kogi Report

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