Muslim Iranian college student, Nikki Tayabian has revealed how Jesus showed up to stop her from committing suicide.

Tayabian had been living in California since she was seven years old, but in 2016, during a trip back home to Tehran, Iran with family, she hit a low point.

“I lay in bed in a cold room inside my family’s house. I was alone, on purpose,” she wrote in a piece for The College Fix. “The isolation was my sole comfort as panic and anxiety gripped me, as self-loathing and angst got the better of me.” continues the story: “I closed my eyes for a moment and it was then I saw an image. My eyelids flew open, and I questioned if I just saw something real,” Tayebian wrote. “I quickly closed them back up, and a smile slowly spread across my face.”

“Before me in my darkness, Jesus stood,” she continued. “I heard him say the words: ‘follow me.’”

After the vision passed, Tayabian began to research about Jesus. “When I returned to Southern California … I started to seek. And thankfully, I started dating someone who took me to church and introduced me to a whole new family.”
She said that her journey after the vision brought peace and calmness, which was a welcome respite from the pain and panic she had been feeling.