Highlights of scripture reading and presentations at Floyd’s home-going ceremony in Houston were pointed out in the last post. Read it here if you missed that.

More at Floyd’s home-coming ceremony

The event also witnessed Pastor Remus Wright speaking of Floyd’s home-going ceremony as a celebration of life. Moreover, it was a celebration of the reformation they see arising from the legacy which Floyd left behind.

Similarly, the Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner asked: “Who would have thought that the name of a man who grew up in the city’s Third Ward ‘the Tre’, would now be mentioned round the world?

“But what folks meant for evil, God has turned it out for good,” he stated while referring to Gen 50:20. A Sam Cooke protest song “A Change Is Gonna Come” followed the more traditional hymns. While the song played, a local artist painted George Floyd’s portrait.

Likewise, Kirk Franklin’s “My world Needs You” chaperoned a video montage while Ne-Yo sang a heartbreaking a cappella form of “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye.”

Gospel history revived

Kernodle, an authority in African American music further said: “They give us a glimpse of full soundscape of gospel history. That’s not just for [Floyd’s] family. That’s also for those who are listening on a larger plane. That’s also a message to America…No matter where you are generationally, no matter where you are denominationally within black Christendom, there was something that was offered that you could relate to, that you knew.”

Gospel music scholar at Bayor University, Bob Darden likened the music to :“a really well thought-out and powerful mix” which was “at times just mesmerizing.” He acknowledged the candid praise and worship of Nakitta Foxx’s “We offer Praise”. He also noted the long, heart-rending draw of Michael Told’s song: “My soul’s Been Anchored”

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In addition, Steve Wells, a white pastor of South Main Baptist Church also commended the witness and courage of Floyd’s family and the community.

His rendition received applauds mostly from the African American gathering. This was particularly when he quoted 1 John 4: “If anyone loves God but hates his brother, he is a liar.”

“He further said: “ You could have said, ‘We don’t need to hear from any white people today. You have been silent enough. You can be silent today.’ But you invited the whole community together,” he said to the attendees.

The only other white speaker, Biden who spoke through video, quoted Scripture and songs. He asked: “Why does justice not roll like a river or righteousness like a mighty stream?” (Amos 5:24). He also quoted lyrics with reference to Psalm 91 saying: “He will raise you up on eagles’ wings/Bear you on the breath of dawn/Make you to shine like the sun/And hold you in the palm of His hand.”