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Let’s for a moment look at Savvy Shields, who was named Miss America 2017 last Sunday night, 11th September 2016. She is an art major at the University of Arkansas and won the talent competition with her jazz dance. And she is a Christian. She prayed for her fellow contestants before the competition and noted on her Instagram, “God is so much greater than we can imagine.”

It is encouraging when people with beauty, talent, and charisma make their faith public. But here’s the downside: we can mistakenly think we must be successful to be useful to God. Our challenges and failures can discourage us from serving Jesus.

So think with me about the great heroes of Scripture. Noah was used by God to save the human race, then he became drunk and embarrassed his family. Abraham lied about his wife and agreed to a sexual relationship with her servant. Moses was a murderer; David was an adulterer; Peter denied Jesus three times; Paul persecuted the church. The list goes on.

Why does God so often use flawed people for great purposes? Here’s my explanation: the further we fall, the more we admit we need help to get back up. The greater our pain, the more readily we trust a Great Physician.