Ministers Forum with Prof Kontein Trinya

The Ministers Forum is an attempt at addressing the training and information gaps in Christian leadership. In the course of its still-recent run, this Forum has benefitted countless leaders across doctrinal and denominational lines. The ever increasing participation from far and near are probably a louder endorsement of the capacity enhancement from the Forum.

The present topic, to be handled by the very able and anointed university don and incisive Bible teacher, Prof Kontein Trinya, shall attempt to answer some of the many scriptural puzzles about tithing, offertories, money seeds and sacrifices: Should we? Why? How? Who should? Where? Who should receive what? For what scriptural purpose? etc.
You are hereby invited to this event.
Event details
Date: Monday, August 1, 2016.
Time: 5.00pm
Venue: Muriela Hotel, 7 Wokekoro Street, Old GRA, behind Port Harcourt Primary School, by Holy Rosary Secondary School, off Boro Park, Port Harcourt.
Topic: “Should They Pay Tithes? Spiritual Dynamics of the Money Ministry”
Resource Person: Prof Kontein Trinya
For free registration and enquiry please kindly SMS 08035115025 or email
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