Me and My Mouth


Kai! The tongue is the most powerful organ of the body; it can kill or make alive; it can build or destroy; it can heal or inflict wounds. What a powerful and versatile tool!

Describing the tongue, scriptures say that just like big ships are driven by a small helm and bits are put in horses’ mouths to control them, so is the tongue a little member of the body but so powerful that it can set on fire the entire course of nature! (Jas 3:3-11). The Bible calls him a wise man one who is able to bridle his tongue (Jas 3:13). It also says that anyone who loves life and desires to see good days should refrain his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking guile. Everyone loves a good life and desires to see good days, God tells us in His Word that how to achieve that is to refrain from speaking evil (IPet3:10).

A man of God once shared the story of an old man probably in his 80s or thereabout, he always had a youthful look and the agility of a young man, none of his teeth fell off.  When he asked the old man about his “anti-ageing,” the old man answered him that he prays that God would help him keep his tongue. The man of God said the old man never curses and no one ever heard him utter a bad or evil word concerning anyone. According to him, there was a time a criminal died in their community and everyone was making comments saying it served him right, but the old man said the guy had lovely eyes! Even in worst cases, he had something good to say about everyone.

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Refrain from speaking evil concerning others; if you don’t have any good thing to say, just keep quiet; learn the vocabulary of silence.

Another scripture tells us that death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it would eat the fruit thereof (Proverbs 18:21). That means you can choose to let either death or life proceed out of your mouth. Many people do not realise that the tongue is a powerful creative force either positively or negatively (Proverbs 18:20-21). God created the earth in 6 days with His words and we can create our own world by putting His Word in our mouth concerning whatever we desire to see and we would see it come to pass. A man of God said where you are today is a product of the words you have spoken and where you would be tomorrow is a product of what you are saying.

What are you saying concerning yourself? The more you keep saying you are tired and sick and things are not working for you the more difficult things would actually get and the way become blocked. Instead of saying negative things, get into God’s Word and say things that He has said concerning you. Instead of saying you are broke and worrying about how finances would turn out for the month, say that you have all sufficiency because according to Philipians4:19 My God would all supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus and not according to my bank account. Instead of complaining and worrying say the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack, He meets all my needs, He supplies all my needs.

Instead of saying at my age who would marry me or worrying and getting bothered about when you will get married, say I’m blessed, I’m a proper child born in due season, the young man that God has prepared for me and prepared me for, he comes speedily; for God has said male and female created He them; situations and circumstances are being arranged for our meeting. God has said I am Hephzibah, I am Beulah, so I am married to a man after God’s own heart. Believe me if you do this consistently, it would not be long before the miracle manifests because God is faithful, He watches over His Word to perform it (Jer3:12).Get into the scriptures and say what God has said concerning you in any area of your life that you desire to see change.

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Let praise proceed out of your mouth. Never gripe or complain that things are not working for you, instead praise God for His goodness and faithfulness that you have seen and enjoyed and for things He has done in your life. God hates the attitude of grumbling that was why the first generation of Israelites that left Egypt never got to the Promised Land. They were complaining in the face of a challenge; they were grumbling that Moses brought them out into the wilderness to make them perish. God said to them; as you have rehearsed in my hearing so I would do unto you (Numbers 14:28; 1:1-35).

Say only God’s words that you desire to see because God’s angels are around you waiting to perform what you say and Satan’s demons also are around ready to perform negative words that you say.

Scriptural references for confessions Gen1:27; Isaiah 62:4-5

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