Manipulated Romance Part VIII-The Trapper Trapped

With time, the two hearts began to get entangled.  It was affection, not hatred; it was love notes, not murderous swords; there were no stray arrows threatening from the sky, even though emotions, unknown to the baited captain, had been manipulated astray.  The lovers were – nay, the lover was – too deeply in ‘love’ to read any writing on the wall.

Finally, Michal got successfully romantically positioned in the life David, with a father’s ultimate agenda in view.   Saul was waiting; God was also watching and waiting.  Saul never lived to see his bad dream come through.  Also, by the mercies of God, Michal did not in the immediate or distant future succeed in the father’s agenda that had planted her in the life of David.  What appears to be her first outing on that mission, which she attempted very early in David’s career, was also her last.  It backfired badly, and rendered her fruitless for life.  Thus she birthed no life who had been planted to take an innocent life (2 Samuel 6:14-23).  May God answer for you too.  Amen.

Are you almost entrapped in a romantic snare?  May God deliver you.  Are you already in?  May Saul-ish agendas backfire; may Michal-missiles miscarry; may the manipulators themselves expire in a hurry.  Amen. 

The Preacher’s Diary

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