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Have you ever thought that God is far from you, as a result of the situations and events surrounding you at the moment?  Are you discouraged in the fact that you prayed but no answers, and you feel God is far from you or you are feeling guilty about not having time for Him? While all the listed questions above have been what I have taken the time to find genuine answers to and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have found 5 ways on how to draw closer to God.

  • Come with purity of heart to Him: Ensure you confess all sins before him, no matter how small or big. Always come to his presence with purity of heart, don’t try to cover up your sins. Psalms 32: 3-5.


  • Always take comfort in his Word: The word of God is the sword of faith which we need to carry us through the journey of life. Make it a daily task to always find comfort in the word of God, which is the bible. Doing this will help you to know God’s opinion concerning whatever you are facing. Joshua 1:8


  • Be a lover of praise and worship: God loves praise and worship, make this a part of your life. David knows the importance of praise and worship that was why he took his time to praise God in the book of Psalms. In every situation learn to praise God; praise opens the gate of God. Psalms 104:33


  • Don’t shy away from calling His name: The name of God is a strong tower that shields and saves one from all problems. Calling his name with a pure mind tends to create a room for a close Proverb 18:10.


  • Prayers: Prayer is the key to success. A prayerless mouth is a closed destiny. Prayer is a means of communicating with God; don’t go by a day without talking to God. 1st Thessalonians 5:17.