If you have been to the LifePointe Church, then you are very familiar with the God Experience. God Experience at The LifePointe Church is your traditional church testimony session but, with a twist. First, nobody is being extra about anything; real-life experiences are told just as it is. Secondly, the God Experience revolves around God and his miraculous ability to show up for those who call on him. The beautiful thing, however, is that The God Experience at LifePointe Church always ends with an altar call; an opportunity for people to also begin a journey into God experiences.

LifePointe Church has taken the God Experience movement a notch higher by compiling a couple of the God experiences into a book. God, Experienced…by individuals… At work, struggling with loneliness, battling depression, or just trying to make a living. God, experienced right in the middle of life! These stories were obviously compiled with the permission of the owner of the stories.

God, Experienced is no doubt, a beautifully illustrated and engaging book.

God, Experienced is a compilation of individuals’ diverse God experiences. These stories show how these individuals came to know God for themselves; they resound faith, hope and love. The ebook features 40 stories of Abuse and Forgiveness, Acceptance, Career, Health, Loss, Sex and Addictions as well as a detailed and practical guide to Experiencing God. The best part is that the ebook is available for free downloads for as many that want to.

After reading this book, one is sure that in the pages of this book, many will find love, hope, joy, peace and faith in God.

Thank you Lifepointe Church for this brilliant innovation and gift to the world. As more people move to digital platforms in their search for God, God, Experienced meets them at the point of their need.

You can download God, Experienced via the link here.