Lead us not into Temptation

There is temptation around us every day. There is always that offer dangling before us like the fruit in the garden that Eve ate, pulling us to go against the will of God that is rooted firmly in our hearts. So what do we do when temptations come?

Temptation comes from the devil

Temptation does not come from God. Jesus was tempted by the devil not by the Father.Scriptures say that no one should say that God is tempting him when he is being tempted, because God cannot be tempted with evil, and neither does He tempt any man. A man is overcome with temptation when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed. There is a bait that latches on someone’s desire, if he yields to it for one second, zap! The sling pulls him away.

Women face many temptations at different stages of life; at puberty, while still single and even after getting married, women face temptations. For a married woman, temptations could come in many ways. There could be someone seemingly richer and more handsome than your husband, someone seemingly doing better than him, or someone who seemingly loves you better or treats you better than him. Note my emphasis on seemingly, because that is the devil’s gimmick, you only see some sides of the person but you do not see the entire picture. Like the bai,tone does not see the hook behind the food.

So let us look at this scenario; there is this guy Mr Great at Mrs Pretty’s office (or she met him at a recent conference of professionals she attended or somewhere). He is a successful entrepreneur.He seems to have everything together: he is young, successful, intelligent, warm and charming, what more?He is wealthy and constantly inspires Pretty to fulfil her dreams. As fate would have it, their paths cross daily, they have things to do together every day. Initially, it was just a platonic friendship, but after a while if Pretty does not see Great in a day, she feels a bit lonely or she is just a little uneasy seeing other females around him. He never stops being nice to her; sends her flowers and exquisite gifts, surprised her on her birthday which her husband forgot.

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Gradually Great starts making his intentions known that he likes Pretty and would not mind to have her. She tells him point-blank to go to hell that she is married. However, not taking “no” for an answer, Great persists. He continues to ignite Pretty’s dreams and passion which are very important to her;she has always desired to start her own practice, become an entrepreneur. Great seems to have the ability to make it happen quickly, while Pretty’s husband admonishes her to learn through patience and process.

Athome, Pretty has been just a little grouchy with her husband, he just does not seem to have that spark anymore. Gradually, Great is breaking her defences, showing her the “good” side of life and what she is really missing by sticking to her hubby. Then one day, they are together in a lonely place and the forbidden happens. No, Prettydid not want to do it, but Great is experienced he had everything planned out from the outset. Pretty is not his first catch, neither will she be his last. Pitiful, yes, but it could have been avoided. How?


Open communication

Open communication with your spouse is essential. In the scenario above, the lady did not tell her husband about what was happening to her. She probably felt that she could fight it alone. If she had confided in her husband about the situation, together they could have had more strength to resist the temptation. Two are always better than one, if one falls the other pulls him up, but woe to the man that falls and has no one to pull him up. Nothing should be too sacred or private to discuss with your spouse. Also,you should not feel that you can stand strong on your own, it is better to form a formidable team with your spouse. Remember, the devil is brilliant in his tricks; his strategy is to attack your weak points.

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My sensitive man

Husbands need to be sensitive. Also in the scenario, the husband did not notice any changes going on with the lady. If he had been observant, he would have noticed subtle behavioural changes, some signs and more importantly the inner intuition that would give him clues that something was not right with his wife.

Life is in stages

Life is in stages, men are in sizes. You need to understand that there is a process in life, before you become a boss, you may need to serve first. Beware of becoming a success overnight. God takes time to prepare you beforehand, before He takes you to a high position. Patience is the twin brother of faith, as God is granting you speed in life,some stages may require patience because it is a process.

My loving husband

Admittedly,each person is responsible for his or her actions, notwithstanding, the man still needs to keep the game up. Cast your mind back to the days when you were courting, it was all romantic. You took her out to places, gave her the big treat frequently. This should not stop after marriage; you should still keep things spiced up. Take her out to eat, to movies; these do not necessarily have to be pricey. Buy her gifts, give her pleasant surprises, again, these do not necessarily have to be expensive. Keep your love aglow; do not let her be filled with only pleasant memories of the past.

Keep the altar burning

A three-fold cord is not easily broken. Keep your relationship with God as a couple alive. God is the third party in a believer’s marriage. His strength and love will sustain your marriage that is why you cannot afford to forsake the altar of prayer and communion with Him.

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