Lady Evangelist Adebola Olawoyin seeks Support For Female Ministers

Lady Evangelist Adebola Olawoyin, the general overseer of God Deliverance and Prayer Ministry has appealed to all churches to allow women called in their midst to function maximally.

 Olawoyin made this appeal during an interview with Newsmen ahead of the church’s 17 year anniversary scheduled to hold on the 25th of November, 2018.

Speaking with newsmen, she said it would be unfair and counter-productive to constitute impediments of any kind to the operation of the anointed based on gender adding families and spouses who are privileged to have called females should support and corporate with them to fulfill their destinies.

In her words; “I must say that it is not easy to be a female minister. It is very tough to be one, especially in our society where people don’t believe women can be called.

“God is not limited by gender. Once a woman is called and anointed, they should cooperate with God for her to fulfill the ministry.

“They shouldn’t constitute impediments to the operation of the gifts of God in her life. Rather churches should support and pray for them to fulfill destiny.”

“Supposing my husband didn’t support me, it would mean he negated the essence of my being and existence.

“I am fulfilling the reason why I came into the world. So, they should allow them to operate to fulfill their purpose in life,” she stated.

She further appealed to their children to provide the right atmosphere for the fulfillment of their ministries, stating that an anointed female with godly children and a supportive husband will go farther.

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She said; “They have to launch out if indeed God has called them. They have to be prayerful because the devil can use stereotypes, customs, and even their family members to keep them down. So, they have to be very fervent in prayers.

“They have to fight for their homes first. If their husbands and children are saved, ministry becomes a lot easier. But if not, they have a lot to contend with indeed,” she added.

Olawoyin was a former seamstress for over 25 years.

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