Lack Of Deep Thinking, Cause Of Nigeria’s Problems – Rev. Kasali

Reverend Yomi Kasali, Senior Pastor of Foundation of Truth Assembly has been speaking out on the issues plaguing Nigeria.

The latest of his statements was made at a book launch to mark Mrs. Motunrayo Alaka’s 40th birthday. Mrs Motunrayo Alaka is the Executive Director, of the Wole Soyinka Investigative Journalism Centre.

Reverend Kasali took the opportunity of the occasion to share his thoughts on the cause of Nigeria’s problems.

According to him, many Nigerians are not deep thinkers. “There are tribal thinkers, political thinkers, religious thinkers but not deep thinkers.”

In his opinion, if this were not the case, Nigeria would be in a better state today.

Our Problems in this country are not political. It is not APC, PDP, CPC or any other. It is simply morals. If we are deep thinkers, we will know that. We will look at things objectively the way they should be looked at and push this nation forward. We will not demonize the Igbos, Fulanis as well as Yorubas because they are all great people. Also, if we are deep thinkers, there are some things we will not do and there are some things we will not say.”

Furthermore, Reverend Kasali stated that Nigeria’s problems are beyond politics, but are rather an issue of moral deficiency.

Conclusively, he commended the birthday celebrant as a deep thinker and someone who truly wants to serve the nation.

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