Kingdom Testimony: School Fees Divinely Settled!

Due to financial constrain, I couldn’t pay my school fees for an online master’s degree programme I had earlier enrolled for. I engaged fully in Soul-winning with my covenant partners. We went out almost every day and sometimes, we trekked for hours looking for souls joyfully and by the help of God, we won souls.

However, it looked like nothing was happening as regards my school fees and I was under intense pressure by the university to pay. Suddenly, I received another email titled, ‘Offer of Settlement’ in which the university authorities stated that I would be given a discount valid for a certain period. I told God that I did not even have the discounted amount to pay.

To the glory of God, some money I was entitled to was paid to me and I settled some other pressing needs. However, the balance left could still not meet the settlement offer due to the high exchange rate.

Some days to the end of 2015, I reminded God of His Word. Then, the Holy Spirit ministered to me to calculate what I could pay and write to the university about it. Immediately, I obeyed.

Surprisingly, the University wrote back simply saying, ‘This amount is okay by us.’ As if that was not enough, I got a payment method online that saved me even more money, thereby having surplus. I give all the glory to the God of Wonder-Double!”

—Sokari Peter


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