Guys, don’t expect anything in return for dates

 Going on dates is not the beginning of a relationship or an agreement to engage in sex and sturvs.

 Social media caught fire last night [March 29, 2017] when a certain guy came on Twitter to share details of a date he had been on with another Twitter user.

Apparently, the girl had rejected his request for a relationship and he could not imagine her doing that, after leading him to believe she would be his girlfriend by going on a date with him.

The guy, Ayo [@pabloayodeji], indignantly got on Twitter to let off a cuss-filled subliminal rant against his date partner.

“Some girls are just mad,” his first angry tweet read.

“You agreed to go on a date with me and you’re telling me you not interested in a relationship. [W]TF did you expect would happen on a date FFS?” he hot-headedly wondered.

He went on to unfollow and accuse her of being broke and hungry.

What followed those few moments of infantile thoughtlessness will forever be remembered as one of the best responses to stupidity ever witnessed on social media, and a hashtag has duly been created for that purpose- #KeepTheChangeBae

As the gods set aside by Zeus to disgrace stupidity would have it, the lady in question, Ore [@missmoshiku] wired every last kobo spent by the guy – a miserly #3800.

 She then added extra to round it up at #5000, and by writing the caption “keep the change” in the comment section of the transaction, she appropriately knocked the first nail into the L-shaped casket that the blood-thirsty and ever-angry mob on Twitter have happily buried the complainant in.

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It is actually difficult to see a different outcome resulting from this scenario, and it is doubtful that there will be any sympathy for #KeepTheChangeBae, no matter how bloodier the trolling gets, or for how long it lasts.

People should be made to answer for their poor judgements, especially if such decisions are as malicious as the one intended by #KeepTheChangeBae.

When did going on a date become a guarantee that a girl wants to be in a relationship with the guy that took her on such date?

It is not hard to imagine that some other guys exist in this world who hold this kind of view, too, and the things done by guys as these lend further voice to the women ceaselessly waving the ‘men are scum’ banner everywhere they go.

Without detouring too far away from the point, this #KeepTheChangeBae story brings to mind, the issue of dates and expectations.

If I take a girl on an expensive date or even one which costs me as low as #3800, does she automatically owe me something in return?

Sex, relationship, or maybe other favours?

 There is no need to even debate this – the answer is a big fat NO.

Being asked on a date and saying yes only means that someone agrees to a date and nothing else.

Of course, many things could happen from that date, but those things are not assured; they are not guaranteed before that date begins.

An agreement to go on a date is ONLY an agreement to go on a date – to talk, enjoy a meal, see a movie, swim, go karting or whatever the agreement is.

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The only exception here is if the party requesting for the date specifies that other things [such as sex] is tied to the date, and the other party accepts. [And even that is subject to consent, a topic best left undisturbed here]

#KeepTheChangeBae’s rant is from a mind that has a warped idea of what going on a date means, and by being roughly put in his place by his date partner and all the willing people of Twitter, he and his type should surely have gotten the message – never expect too much from dates.

Ayoola Adetayo


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