Kaduna: CAN Faults Release of Kidnapped Baptist Pupils in Batches

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has faulted the release of pupils of Bethel Baptist School in Kaduna in batches by bandits.

The development has made the body said it wasn’t what they bargained with the pupils’ parents. The body, therefore, expressed optimism that the remaining 31 students in captivity would be freed at once.

The Vice President of CAN (19 Northern States and Abuja), Rev. Joseph John Hayab, who raised these concerns warned the government not to allow terrorists to toy with the minds and emotions of citizens.

“We are not in a position to decide what bandits should do because the activities of bandits are illegal. Our government should go after every illegality so that there will be justice and stability in the land.

“But sadly, our government has not been doing what we expect from her. That is why we are where we are now. What Nigerians simply want today is we want to see our government putting bandits on the run. Bandits should not be allowed to toy with the mind and emotions of citizens.

“The school and parents have never negotiated for our children to be released in batches but we wanted them at once. Just as the bandits took the 121 students same day, we expected that they will return them at the same time.

“But that is not what we have got. All we can do now is to only hope and pray that the 31 still with the bandits will come back the same day to be reunited with their parents.”

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