Five years old Caleb Serrano who was interviewed by Studio 5, made his way into the heart of people after he sang at his grandfather’s church in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has a mighty voice in a little body.

Caleb Serrano says he was encouraged by his grandpa, who he referred to as “poppa” to start singing but he says his inspiration is from above.

Caleb said “I just kept on listening and God gave me a voice to sing,”

“He has always loved music,” said Caleb’s mother Dee Serrano and “He’s been (singing) since he was not even able to talk.”

She continued, “it has been a blessing that so many people are touched by my little one, my blessing. I Just hope we can continue to do what God has us to do. It has been wonderful.”

Richard Serrano, who is the father to Caleb experience his surprise over how people all over the world connect when Caleb sings.

“The biggest surprise for me has been just the positive feedback from around the world. Not just locally, but internationally how people are reaching out to Caleb to tell us about how he is touching their lives,” said Mr. Serrano.



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