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“On April 30, 2015, I received a text message that I should report at the Head office of my organization for a meeting with the Human Resource Manager. Before then, there was rumour that the company would lay off some staff. So, when I received that message, I was afraid and told God to show me the way out.

I remembered the Bishop said one morning during the Covenant Hour of Prayer that divine intervention is the answer to every man’s question in life. I told God to intervene and exempt me from that list. I also engaged in three days fasting and prayer. During the fast, I called my Zonal Pastor who prayed with me intensively, anointed my appointment letter and declared that my appointment shall not turn to disappointment.

During the fast, I woke up at midnight daily to call on the God of this Commission to intervene and erase my name from the list. On the third day, I danced and praised God like never before just like Paul and Silas did in Acts 16:25. After that night, I began to plan my testimony before my miracle arrived.

On the Liberation Anniversary Impartation Service which also included a feet washing session, the Bishop said we should write what we wanted God to do for us and place our feet on it. While praying, he declared that protocol would be broken for our sake.

On May 4, 2015, I went to the Head Office. On getting there, I was told to resign for no reason. The devil mocked me and said, ‘You have planned your testimony, let me see how you will share it.’ Immediately, the Lord told me to just give Him thanks. I obeyed and told the devil to get lost.

Miraculously, I was called that same day and my job was restored. I give God all the glory!”

Source: Winners Chapel