Israel Set To Award Academic Prizes To 40 IDF Christian Veterans


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum are set to award academic scholarships to 40 Christians who served in Israel’s armed forces or performed national service.
The essence of this scholarship program is to encourage the integration of young members of the Christian community into Israeli society, while reducing gaps and providing opportunities to acquire a higher education.

The founder and president of the IFCJ, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein said; “We believe that every Israeli citizen deserves equal rights and opportunities in all areas of life, while on their part they provide an active share and contribute to Israeli society.”

Thanks to the IFCJ’s work with the community; “more and more young (Christians) are choosing to integrate into society and even serve in the IDF and national service.”
While thanking Eckstein for supporting the efforts of his organization, Father Gabriel Naddaf, head of the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum called the program “a message to the whole world, that two religious leaders from different religions can lead a change in society where they live and work through cooperation.”

“It begins with the youth and continues in enlistment in the IDF or national service and paves the way towards studies in higher education institutions and integration into the workforce. We are there every step of the way in order to encourage, strengthen, and support,” he added.

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