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Unripe plantain is not so appealing to people, but it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, fibres needed by the body, and it can be prepared in different ways. Listed below are the importance of unripe plantain

It is good for the heart:  unripe plantain contain potassium which helps to prevent heart attack and hypertension. It also has a fibre contain which reduce cholesterols level.

It can cure anemia and neuritis: unripe plantain can cure and also prevent anemia and neuritis. It contain high content of vitamin B6 which helps to cure anemia and neuritis

It helps to reduce weight: Unripe plantain contain vital vitamins and minerals required for healthy diet but less of carbohydrate.

It helps the circulatory and digestive system: Unripe plantain helps in food digestion.

It ensures easy bowl movement: it high content of fibre helps bowl movement very easy

It gives strong bone: Unripe plantain contains calcium which helps in building strong bones.

It prevent ulcer and enhance good sight

It helps to increase sexual performance: Unripe plantain helps to increase sexual performance.

Unripe plantain can be eaten in several ways; by boiling, frying and roasting.



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