I want to make the First Move, is That Bad?

I met this cute guy at a friend’s party last month and we hit it off. Unfortunately, though he promised to call me after the party, I have not heard from him. Should I call him? Would that be proper? Should I just move on?


It’s good to know that you want to know the rules of the game before leaping into it. I don’t think it’s proper for a lady to make the first move especially when the guy knows you like him. A lady should be courted by a man and not the other way round. Never mind the fact that he’s good looking, cute, tall, dark and handsome, etc. Please let him be the one to call you.

If you struck a chord in him, it’s only natural that he would call you and probably want to date you. You shouldn’t appear desperate and cheap to a guy. Let him see you as a treasure worth chasing so well to get. That does not mean you should prove difficult to a guy. Rather, what it means is that you are important, deserving, adorable, beautiful, classy, elegant, delectable and worth far more than rubies. Hence, you shouldn’t cheapen yourself before any guy.

Relax, when your guy arrives, he’ll do everything possible to chase and eventually date you. Chill sis, your best is on the way!

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