Event marketing

In one of his teachings on financial increase, Rev Sam Adeyemi highlighted the following points:

1. Understand Your Purpose

The quickest route to promotion is problem-solving. And the potential for solving problems lies in your purpose.

This also holds with respect to finances. You do not get something for nothing. Money is only a means of exchange. It flows to us in proportion to the value we give in solving problems for others.

You have been designed to solve a particular problem in this world. You must identify that area of need and define your purpose. Your purpose in life is not what you decide. It is too late to decide it now. It was decided by God before you were born. Therefore, it is not what you decide; it is what you discover by asking God.

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. Ask God to show you where your treasure is in life so you can put your heart there. Then do an appraisal of your gifts and talents.

You see, you are already designed to do some things better than other people. There are things you do with ease and you enjoy doing them. God has designed you to make money while doing what you enjoy doing.

2. Set Your Values Right

It is important that you list also, your values – the things that are important to you as a person. Values include family, health, love, success, independence, fun, adventure, creativity, financial independence, beauty, relationships, information, innovation, justice and so on.

List four to five values that are of priority to you. Then list activities around each one that can generate money. You will see clearly how to make money while you do what you enjoy doing. You may even realize that you need to make a major career change this year. For example, whereas I studied engineering in school, I have turned out a motivational speaker and pastor, and I enjoy every minute of it. I am happy about the contribution I am able to make to people’s lives.

3. Develop Your Skills Rapidly

Another area to consider in order to increase your income is the development of professional skills. Having identified what you can do to meet people’s needs, you must develop the ability to do it with excellence. Since you were not born with professional skills, you must commit to learning as much as possible about your job. What you learn ultimately determines what you earn. Attend a course. Attend a seminar. Buy and read books. Go to school. Get a mentor. Browse the internet. Do whatever you can do to improve this year.

King Solomon, the exceptionally wise king in the Bible, once said: “Do you see a man that is an expert in his craft, he will stand before kings, he will not stand before common men.” You see, those who do their work with excellence eventually have better and bigger opportunities. More so, what a king can afford to pay for your services will be far more than what an ordinary person can afford.

If you are a carpenter, be the best carpenter in town this year. Whatever you do, go the extra mile to satisfy your customers. Find out the latest tools or techniques in town. Learn and apply them. By God’s grace, doors of opportunity will open for you, better than ever. Get ready, you are about to move to a new level.