How to Look Impressive in your Shoes

A man could be well dressed, but if his shoes do not match up, his dressing will be unimpressive. A pair of shoes is an indispensable component of our everyday outfit. Apart from the fact that shoes make up our everyday outfit, they likewise function as a protective measure. They keep our feet from experiencing the wear and tear that comes through friction when we walk. The wear and tear is the reason it is necessary to look for durability of shoes when it fares to its exercise. There are so many popular shoe designs common to men, namely: Paul Smith, Salvatore Ferragamo, Allen Edmund, Bruno Magli amongst others. Men buy these popular designs because they can count on their quality and durability. But the evolving of the Chinese economy has reduced costs of shoe production and their quality.

Due to a very high demand of these shoe designs, they are now being mass produced and thus leading to a reduction in quality. One can say there are shoes everywhere, yet there are no shoes to wear. Today, the quality of shoes on a man’s foot can be used to determine his class, although this has not proven to be a fact. It is arguable that no matter where shoes are made, they are in a category of their own. What tells the durability of a shoe is the composition of the fabric used to create it. They vary, from original animal skin, to coated rubber and other relevant fabric. We need to spot out the above fact to encourage men that despite the mass production of shoes there are still quality shoes. But this article focuses on how you can determine the shoe style that flows with your dress pattern. There are so many factors to consider before you can determine the shoe style that will flow with your dress pattern.

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Here are some:

1. The hem of your trousers: The hem of your trouser is a major determinant of the type of shoe you should put on. The essence of shoes is that while they serve as a protective measure, they also magnify your outlook. For this reason it is important that they are visible. A shoe should not be hidden by the hem of your trouser. If the hem of your trouser is large, then the style of the shoe should be long, so as to be visible in your outfit. Most young men would rather go with slimmed hem thus leaving their shoe visible.

2. The colour of your trousers: In choosing your shoe style, the colour of the trousers also has to be considered. Trousers are the closest to the shoes. When making decisions on the shoe to put on, the colour of the trouser is of outmost importance. For instance, when you put on black shoes, a pair of black trousers is the appropriate one to wear. Picking a shoe style without considering the colour cannot complete the process.

3. The style of your attire: The style of your attire is also very important. Every style goes with a flow of direction. You should be able to determine the direction or flow of the design. It is that flow, which determines the pattern of shoe that you should go on. Using a typical example of someone in a casual outfit, the style of his casual outfit will determine the flow of his dressing and then the flow of the dressing will determine the style of shoes he will wear.

4. The type of dressing: The type of dressing will command the style and type of shoes that should be used. You should consider the type of dressing whether formal, informal or semi-formal. The type of dressing will also inform your style of shoes. There are shoes for formal, informal and semi-formal forms of dressing respectively. If the type of dress pattern is not considered, then you will wrongly choose the shoe style that should match your dressing.

Christian Louboutin was of the opinion that, ‘A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you are going to move is quite dictated by your shoes’.

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