Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church Offers Cash Card to COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients

The Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in Bronx, New York,  offered the Pfizer vaccine and money as an incentive to get people fully vaccinated.

This, the Catholic church had to do before school begins in September. August 9 is the last day to get the COVID-19 vaccine and be fully vaccinated for school and it takes a full five weeks from the initial dose to be fully protected.

It was yet another community group, The Bronx Rising Initiative making it easy for New Yorkers to find a vaccine site and get the incentives being offered by the mayor, Bill de Blasio.

This is the last week’s get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to be fully vaccinated. Pfizer is the only vaccine approved for children from age 12 and up that will be returning to classrooms.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had come up with an incentive that says anyone who gets vaccinated today will receive a $100 cash card.

However, teachers and education staff members fall under the mandate for city workers to get vaccinated or participate in weekly coronavirus testing.

Meanwhile, the Bronx Rising Initiative has joined forces with Catholic Charities to work to vaccinate people in communities with low vaccination rates.

For city workers to either get the vaccine or participate in the weekly testing for COVID-19 across the Catholic Church, the local organisation has been putting its heart and soul into keeping the community safe.

Bronx rising initiative teamed up with Catholic Charities and together to work to vaccinate individuals, especially those in communities with low vaccination rates..
Those who rose up against their sleeves for shot got a $100 cash card.

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The initiative of the mayor put in place to get the residents vaccinated has been seen to be a noble one.

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