Highlights from RCCG January 2016 Holy Ghost Night

The January edition of the monthly Holy Ghost Night which took place at Redemption Camp was remarkable as there were signs and wonders.

The theme for this event was “no more losses”.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye who hosted thousands of members nationwide made some declarations which he backed with bible passages.

He also raised a number of prayer points which he enjoined members to use in their quiet time or family devotion.

According to the anointed man of God, he said our lips can determine your future, Numbers 14:28, Mark 11:23, Proverbs 13:2, Proverbs 18:20-21, 2Kings7:1-end, 2Kings 4:18-37.

Instead of using your lips to curse, he encouraged participants to pray and use it to prophesy into the future.

The man of God stated that there is power in agreement. According to him, when people come together in agreement, Jesus is always there: Matthew 18:19-20, Psalm 91:1, Mark 9:23.

“People who are united cannot be stopped,” he declared using Genesis 11:6, 2Kings 7:1-11, Mark 2:1-11 as references.

Pastor Adeboye also stated that God is a business man, and he is always talking about fruitfulness and multiplication as seen in Genesis1:28, 9:1, 17:1-2, 22:15-18.

GO, as Pastor Adeboye, is fondly called said: “You cannot have a good business partner other than God.”

“We will be fruitful when we partner with God.”

He continued: “Divine involvement puts an end to losses; John 5:2-9, Mark 10:46-52, Luke 7:11-15, 2Kings 7:1-7. When God gets involved, there shall be profits; 2Timothy 3:16, Ecclesiastes 5:9, 10:12, 7:11, Psalm 111:10. When God gets involved in all that we do, there shall be profits.”

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He listed godliness, evangelism, holiness and deliberately working for God as the antidote for enjoying life free of losses.

In his concluding remarks, Pastor Adeboye urged the congregation to hand over everything about their lives to God, because God knows what to do with everyone he created.

Pastor Adeboye declared on the congregation that “there shall be no loss this year.”

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