HEKAN Reveals the Implications of Hate Speech to Teenagers, Youth

Over two thousand youths and teenagers have been tutored by the United Church of Christ in Nigeria (HEKAN) on the hazardous effects of hate speech, illegal distress, and political thuggery.

This was organized by the church because of the current call for restructuring by certain groups and individuals which stands as a threat to the serenity and harmony of the country.

Reverend Amos Kiri, the President of the Church, affirmed this in a press statement which was released to the media in Kaduna yesterday.

Kiri, speaking at the ceremony of the annual convention of the gospel missionary singers, said charity begins at home, hence, the need for parents and guardians to watch out for the actions of their wards and children.

Rev Kiri added that the purpose of the program was to serve as a reminder to the teenagers of the need for love and the portrayal of peaceful coexistence notwithstanding our diversity.

He implored all Nigerians to work hand in hand with the President concerning his effort to restore serenity and harmony in our country. He went further to summon all distressed groups to lay their concern on the table for discussion because there will not be development in an environment of resentment.

In the speech of Johanna Galadima, the Director HEKAN gospel missionary organization HGMO, he said revolution against authority is a disruptive behavior, hence the need for churches to tutor its youths and teenagers in the aspect of the rule of law.

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