‘Heaven is Stacked’: Man Wakes From Coma With Vivid Recollection of Jesus, Robes and Angels

A Montana man who was seriously injured in a horrific car accident says that he spent time in heaven after falling deeply unconscious for seven days.

Tom Dolezal was driving through Wolf Creek Canyon in Helena when he collided head-on with another truck pulling a horse trailer. Knocked out and with 22 broken bones, Dolezal is absolutely convinced he saw Jesus Christ in person.

“I flew up into Heaven… and Heaven is stacked,” he told the Liberty County Times. He told the newspaper that he witnessed Jesus walking in a field during his eight-day coma.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, Dolezal said he saw people in purple robes, and even spotted an angel with a “very pleasant” if tired face and short pants.

Many others have claimed to see Jesus and visit heaven after serious accidents. One such person was Dr. Mary Neal, who appeared on “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” last year to discuss her staggering spiritual experience that followed a deadly kayaking accident.

“I absolutely believe that God presents to each one of us that scene at that experience that we’ll understand, that will resonate with us, that will make us feel welcomed and loved and understood and known,” she said of heaven. “And the thing that has always moved my soul deeply is color and flowers and the intricacies of flowers and the aromas of flowers. And so that’s what I saw.”

“This path was woven together and created out of every color of the rainbow and colors that don’t exist here,” Neal continued. “There were flowers, there was the aroma, and everything absolutely exploded with God’s love.”

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She also revealed that God essentially told her that her son would later die, an event that did come to fruition.

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