How Do I Handle This Shocking Discovery?

A man rented a house and moved in with his family. After three years, his rent was increased from N500,000 to N600,000; he did not complain because he liked the house, besides, it was just a hundred thousand naira difference. The following year, he could not pay the money and the agent was on his neck.

The wife eventually borrowed the money so that her husband could pay back. The husband was elated and he loved his wife more. He got the money and paid his wife back.

Two and a half years later, the house rent skyrocketed to N800,000; the man became upset and begged the agent to introduce him to the landlord so that he could plead with him directly but the agent blatantly refused.

He eventually carried out an underground investigation to uncover who the landlord was. He was not only shocked by his discovery, he was totally dumbfounded.

The house belonged to his wife!

How happy or how relieved would the man have felt in the long run?


1. Do not keep secrets from your spouse as this can breed strong distrust. When trust is lost, it can take more time to be earned again. Openness should be practised by both partners in any relationship. Never pretend.

2. Your wall of effective and healthy communication must not be allowed to break down even if you are having misunderstandings. Although this is difficult, you still must communicate in love, not harshly. Make every attempt to resolve issues in the home.

3. Avoid marrying a man or a woman you cannot be totally open to. You must be safe in each other’s arms and never be ashamed to share with each other regardless of the circumstances.

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5. It is not unusual for you to offend your spouse or vice-versa, but offence must not be a norm in your home. True love and maturity come to play when we communicate our wrongs immediately, apologise to each other, clear things off our minds and continue living happily. When we keep past offences in mind and refuse to forgive, we aggravate issues. Instant forgiveness is of God, and as children of God having the mind of Christ, we need to always exhibit instant forgiveness as well as forgiveness in advance. Then we can live together in peace.

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