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Toward the end of last year, we received an instruction to consecrate ourselves through fasting and prayer. At some point I started feeling dizzy every time I got up from a sitting position, so I reasoned it was due to the fasting. When it persisted my husband said to go for a medical checkup. So I went to my GP who asked, “How did you get here?” I said my husband brought me. He then said,“I have to send you to the hospital.” He had done a test and said if my blood level was a point less I would need immediate blood transfusion. I was shocked. How could I have lost so much blood so quickly?

I was rushed off to the hospital by husband. My gynaecologist who was also the resident supervisory gynaecologist of the hospital examined me extensively and called for a second opinion of the chief gynaecologist. It was agreed that I had to go in for surgery as soon as possible.

I was told that the growth in my uterus was not fibroids, and that it could be anything from a polyp to myom or some form of endometrial inflammation which had become enlarged. It had to be removed immediately as it was draining my blood fast. The surgery would be to remove the growth and send it to the pathologist for analysis. I was told the surgery would be a three-way procedure of something called nova, inserting a camera into the uterus and of course removal of the growth.

When my GP and gynaecologist agreed on surgery as the only form of treatment, I knew it must be serious. I was not only alarmed but at first Pastor Ruckey Peniel Oluwa juwon The Fountain Of Grace Church, Switzerland sad and confused at the suddenness of the whole thing. Then I suddenly realized this was an opportunity for my Heavenly Father to shower me with His love and mercy. I requested a few days before going in for the surgery to put my home in order. In fact, I wanted a few days to get a clear conviction in my spirit about this unexpected surgery. I wanted to go pray about it and gorge on Holy Communion.

I had heard a message years ago by our senior pastor, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, titled “The Final Weapon: the Blood of Jesus.” I made a decision to wield this weapon in the few next days. So, I took the communion countless times those three days in which we also had night vigils of praise. My surgery was scheduled for the third day. I had, also, in the last couple of months, prior to this ordeal, listened to a number of messages on healing, although I had no particular reason to do that at the time. I had reckoned the Lord wanted me to be a balanced minister and that was why so many messages on healing were what I was exposed to at that time on an online Christian radio.

At the second night vigil, I heard clearly, “Ruckey, go for the surgery to fulfil all righteousness.” So I went in early on the third day to the hospital. I had deep faith that I would be completing the third day of the vigil with my husband, although it sounded crazy to him when I mentioned it.

On the surgery line up were the Chief Gynaecologist and the Chief Consultant. I was a bit disturbed by this knowledge, as I wondered why the surgery required the presence of the consultant. Was there something I was not being told? I woke up from the surgery and asked if everything went well and I was told the surgeons would give me the details. A couple of hours of waiting and fear almost crept in as I wondered what delayed the feedback. But I held on in faith, knowing the blood of Jesus is sufficient for all my diseases. While waiting for the surgeons, I had set up a voice recorder on my iPad; somehow, I knew I had to record the conversation with the surgeons.

Eventually two surgeons appeared by my bedside, not saying anything at first. So I asked in German if all went well. They said yes. I prodded for details and one of them falteringly declared, “Mrs Oluwajuwon, we took you to the operating room as planned and carried out the surgical procedures as planned.

However, the growth in your uterus could not be found; it had disappeared! You have lost it somehow between the last examination and the surgery. What we saw was the cleanest uterus we have seen in practice with the symptoms you came in with. We scraped the uterus lining for further examination and I can tell you, you have a beautiful uterus there!”

she declared. “I can assure you, you are a 100% alright,” she concluded. Now, this was the first time in my sojourn in Europe to hear a medical personnel certify a patient 100 percent OK.

Usually, medical assurances were given as 99.09 or 99.95%. We were conversing in German, so I asked if what I was told could be repeated in English, and it was repeated exactly: “it had disappeared.” At that moment, I felt a rush of supernatural energy physically.

So I asked boldly that, since this was the great news they brought, if there was anything preventing me from going home that day. Of course, there was hesitation! But upon further examination, conviction of my extraordinary stability on my feet and a call for my husband to call the ambulance should the need arise, I was allowed to leave with my surgery socks and plasters still on. To the glory of God, through the blood of Jesus, I was able to conclude the thanksgiving vigil that night. I was also in church ministering and praising Him the following Sunday as I will continually do for the rest of my days.

So I did not need any blood transfusion, not even an iron transfusion as would have been the alternative. Indeed, I did not need the surgery at all. I only went in as instructed to fulfil all righteousness.

The Surgeon General of the Supreme Order had done His strange work again and removed the growth supernaturally. I was only given routine iron tablets and anti-inflammatory tablets on discharge from the hospital. Praise God! n

“To the glory of God, through the blood of Jesus, I was able to conclude the thanksgiving vigil that night. I was also in church ministering and praising Him the following Sunday as I will continually do for the rest of my days.”