Gospel Music is Therapeutic and Helps Makes me Feel Better – A Blind Rwandan Gospel Musician

In an interview with BBA Africa, a Rwandan Gospel musician, John Hope Singleton shares how he lost his mother in a lightning accident that also left him blind and how gospel music has uplifted him.

He related how his mother was holding him when the lightning struck and because of the contact, it burned his eyes and left him blind.

He grew up in an orphanage from the age of just seven months. It was difficult for him because he was the only blind child there. An American lady known as Amie Singleton later adopted him and took him to the US.

John said he always loved singing and playing instruments as a child but he only got to develop his talent once he arrived in the US.

He added that he chose to sing gospel music because it is therapeutic and helps makes him feel better.

In addition, he said: “I just see God in everything that has happened to me. I see that God has always been there for me. That’s how I know that I have to sing about Him.”

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