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One Georgia nurse went beyond her calling as a caretaker when she adopted a sick man in need of a heart transplant.

ICU nurse Lori Wood met 27-year-old Jonathan Pinkard in December 2018. He had been in and out of Piedmont Newnan Hospital since August – after being told that he needed a heart transplant, ABC News reports.

Pinkard was staying in a men’s shelter because he had no family and nowhere else to go.

“I was born and raised with my grandmother and she passed away in 2012,” he said.

Wood found out that Pinkard needed heart surgery, but he couldn’t stay on the waiting list because he had no one to care for him after the surgery.

“When you’re a nurse and you’re wanting to fix and help people, that can be very frustrating if you know a patient needs something and for whatever reason, they can’t have it or receive it,” Wood said.

According to Today, Wood visited with Pinkard for a few days, then asked him if she could become his legal guardian. She explained that he would not be alone after surgery and that he could live with her.

“I think at some point, God places people in situations in your life and you have a choice to do something about it and for me there was no choice. It wasn’t something that I struggled about, it was something that had to happen, he had to come home with me,” Wood said.

Pinkard had his heart transplant in August and hopes to return to work as an office clerk.

Wood helps him with his medications and takes him to doctor’s appointments. She is also teaching Pinkard life skills so he can eventually live on his own.

“Ms. Lori has been awesome and she is very lovable to me and not only to me, but her son as well. They treat me like family. I’m really thankful and if it wasn’t for her, I would not be the person I am today, Pinkard said. “It’s kind of emotional, yet at the same time, this has been a life journey for me.”

Wood was recently named Piedmont’s Promise 360 Champion employee for making a positive difference and giving Jonathan the gift of life.

Source: CBN News