I am not a pastor, minister or anything like that. What I am is a growing believer moved to share my discoveries about God and this thing called life with you.

A lot of people view God’s commandment as one which can’t be kept and they are made to scare people. I don’t uphold this fact because He has demonstrated His love for us time without number (He sent His son to die for us, for crying out loud), but if you change your perspective you will see that those rules are actually for our protection.

When God says, ‘thou shall not commit adultery,’ do you really think that is for His benefit or ours? It’s like when our parents tell us not to get engaged in some bad things or get spanked for doing something wrong, we think they are just being mean, that they do not like us, that they do not want us to ruin the family name. But really who gets ruined, us the kids or them? We are the ones who suffer when we do things that we were warned about; it is our future that is affected when we do not do well in school.

God gives us rules to follow in order not to go out of place and He gains nothing from these ‘rules’. We are the ones that have everything to lose by not following them and when we follow them it adds a lot of benefit to our existence.

He is not going anywhere and He is not going to stop loving us, but disobeying Him hurts both parties especially us as He really has nothing to lose.

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You can only be corrected when you are cherished and so see this as a great opportunity.