Thanks Be to God for Multiple Deliverance in My Life!

“I joined this Commission in 2007. Since then, I have enjoyed diverse supernatural breakthroughs. However, in 2013, my faith was attacked. I became confused and suffered all manner of afflictions.

When Shiloh 2014 theme, Heaven On Earth, was announced, I was excited because I knew it will answer to its name. Prior to that Shiloh, I prayed that the dates of my postgraduate examination that clashed with Shiloh would be changed. When that did not happen, I decided to carryover every course that clashed with the Shiloh days.

At Shiloh, I rededicated my life and keyed into every prophetic word declared. I also threw away all my medications and the medical test results.

Thereafter, I administered the mantle, the anointing Oil and the Communion. Today, I am healed of general body weakness, pains, ulcer, glaucoma and confusion. With this new strength, I joined a service group in the Church.

Meanwhile, while I was in Maiduguri in 2003, I read one of the Bishops’ books and was instantly healed of a periodical toothache and swollen gum. I was so scared of the encounter that I did not share it with anyone. Thereafter, I was restricted to using an expensive toothpaste to prevent the pains.

During Shiloh 2014 thanksgiving service, Pastor David Oyedepo (Jnr.) said in his ministration, ‘When you thank God for what He did, He will perfect His works in your life.’ So, I immediately began to thank God for healing me in 2003 and indeed, God perfected His work in my life. I no longer use that expensive toothpaste but any one of my choice. I thank God for fulfilling numbers 11 to 15 of the 2015 Winners’ Personalized Prophetic Declarations. Praise the Lord!”

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—-Mary Agbaegbu

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