Truly the Word of God has efficacy. It has proved time and again to be true in my life.

On Thursday evening the 3rd of March 2016, my mother was on her way back home after having traveled to a neighboring town for her work. Her intention was to board a bus that she normally uses every time she travels to this town. Before boarding the bus however, she decided to go into a nearby store to get something. She was then delayed in this store to the point that the bus she wanted to board became fully boarded and started its way out of the terminus.

She then started to urge the person who was serving to be quicker so that she could and get on board the bus that was now departing. The shopkeeper asked for more time to find change for my mother and the bus departed. My mother then reluctantly boarded into a small mini van that was next to depart. To my mother’s shock and horror, 3 or so kilometers into her journey on the mini bus, they came across the bus that she had wanted to board.

The bus had got into an accident and 28 people had died instantly on the spot. She watched in horror as body-less limbs were being carried off the scene of the accident. Blood was everywhere and there was a strong smell of it all over.

My mother had been saved from such a gruesome end. I believe that my serving in ministry and her consistent paying of her tithe saved her this day that proved to be so fateful for many.

Indeed the Lord perfects all that concerns us. I will continue strong in the ministry of the Gospel in Jesus’ name.