Global Outreach Group Plan to Convert 20 Million Nigerians


Evangelist Oguazi Onyemobi, the National coordinator of the global group made a report that the global outreach in Nigeria is holding in May 27 2017 and it is happening in over 150 nations. He encourage Christians to be involve in spreading the gospel of Jesus within their immediate communities so as to experience dramatic changes

He charge Christians to share the gospel and adopt diverse soul winning strategies such as one- on- one, meetings in the church, visiting the needy, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, children’s homes, use of concerts, open air crusades, banners, sharing of tracts, posts on social media and others on May 27.

Evangelist Onyemobi says the vision of GOD is to raise the entire believers in Jesus Christ as a massive army to preach the gospel in one day and adopt soul wining as a lifestyle and Global outreach is an end time response to that Commission and a catalyst to mobilize the whole church for evangelism for many Christians.

In Nigeria, our target is to reach 20 million souls with the love of Jesus Christ. In our world when many are spreading messages of hate, killings, destruction and deception in the name of God, God is raising the greatest army of believers to stand as one to preach the good news of God’s love.

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