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“I am an Area Pastor. There is a woman in my vicinity, who was a member of Ogboni confraternity group for 48 years. She was also the Iya Olori Amare (mother of the marine world) and the Iya Agan of Awon Egun Adiyan (mother of masquerades in Adiyan Community). Furthermore, she is the Iya Awon Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) (mother of the OPC group).

Her occultic powers were reverenced to the point that every week, people sacrificed rams, cows, etc., close to her premises to appease her.

Suddenly, she became sick and was at the verge of insanity and death. Later, she became unconscious and had an encounter with Jesus.

Amazingly, when she regained consciousness, she called the name of Jesus and requested for a pastor to pray for her. A pastor was called and she gave her life to Christ. To the glory of God, she attended the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI), July 2015 special.

Furthermore, on Thursday, July 16, 2015, I instructed the WOFBI students to invite someone to church. In obedience, she invited a man, who was also a member of the Ogboni confraternity group for 53 years. He gave his life to Christ and presently, he is a member of this Church. I give God all the glory!”

— Pst. Lanre, P. Opadotun

Source: Winners Chapel



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