Five Tips to Get your Woman the Perfect Gift

If you’ve ever thought about how to get your woman the perfect gift, believe it brother, you are not alone. Women are beautiful people with specific wants and needs. But, sometimes, we lose track of how to please them. This could be as a result of a breakdown in communication, among other things.

However, she’s your woman, and you can’t stop trying to make her happy, especially if she makes you happy. Because we care about you, we’ll be helping you out in today’s article.

How to get your woman the perfect gift

Anyone who said women are impossible to please just doesn’t understand them. Below are five solid tips that will help you get your lady a gift she’ll love:

1. Listen and look out for hints 

Not all women are quite as direct as you want them to be. As much as it would help if she came out and told you she wants that bag, she’s not likely to do it. So, listen to her when she talks to you. She’ll mention her interest in a particular commodity. Take note of it, and it could be your next great gift idea.

2. Do not buy clothes without adequate information 

If you must buy a dress for your woman, ensure that you’re getting something that is exactly her size. If it’s too small, she might begin to feel fat and could get mad at you. If it’s too big, she could get embarrassed and start thinking she looks fatter than she actually does. Of course, there’s a chance that she’ll recognize it as an honest mistake. However, considering the financial implications as well as the potentially angry babe, do you want to risk it?

3. Spend quality time

Some women love material things, some love it when you spend time with them, and others want a little bit of both. If she’s your lady and she truly loves you, she won’t reject either of the options. However, instead of focusing solely on that new bag or that pretty dress, spend some time with her. Take her out to a nice restaurant or on a great vacation if you can afford it. It’ll definitely put a smile on her face and it’ll be good for you too.

4. Don’t make it about you 

Some men make the mistake of getting their women gifts that they want. Don’t be that guy. Don’t get your girlfriend a video game for both of you to play because you’re interested in it. She’ll realize your ruse, and it might end up backfiring.

5. Ask her friends or mom for advice 

This is the big gun. You shouldn’t pull it out unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, if you’re stuck and cannot find something to give your woman, check in with her friends or her mom. They’ve known her much longer than you have. They’ll be able to give useful advice in that regard.


If you are willing to put a bit of effort into it, getting your lady a gift isn’t so hard. So, put your back into it brother. In the end, she’ll definitely thank you for it!


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