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The accident where a 3-years old boy survived the fall from the 9th floor of his apartment was referred to as a miracle by an Argentina doctor. Even though I am a woman of science but I believe God helped the boy to recover after 20days, Cristina García de Alabarse the Argentina hospital director says.

Cristina García de Alabarse told the Catholic News Agency that there are certain situations where they can’t do anything as a professional, but they will commit it into the hands of God. She said she is a Catholic and she believes in miracles.

Martin Chain, the 3 years old boy fell nearly 100 feet to the ground while playing on his balcony, he climbed over the railing and fell while his father Maximo was cooking. Martin’s father peered and saw Martin face down lying on a wet ground in the midst of litter and Maximo saw Martin move, Florencia Núñez, the mother of Martin reported.

Martin Chain was rushed to the hospital conscious with no bone fracture; he was kept in a medically induced coma because he has sustained trauma in his skull and abdomen.

Gracia de Alabarse reported that Martin sustains few problems with walking but it will not be permanent with the help of little therapy and he will require frequent checkup but no problem is expected. This is incredible she added.



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