Ewan McGregor Reveals the ‘Humanity’ of Jesus in a Movie

If one will describe the way and manner in which Ewan McGregor portrayed the character Jesus in the new film “Last Days in the Desert,” it will be “Daunting”.

McGregor also said, “Freaked out” is another way he described his feelings about the task.

He said, “When I started to think about those human qualities, about trying to communicate with your father and being frustrated you’re not getting the answers you need, I find him there.”

“Last Days in the Desert,” made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015 and opens in theatres in America May 13. McGregor doubled as both Jesus and the devil — or Yeshua and the Demon, as they are called throughout the film.

Rodrigo Garcia’s who is the writer-director of the movie imagined Jesus meeting a family as he is leaving the wilderness, where he spent 40 days fasting and praying, and wanting to help them. The teenage boy and his father are struggling to reconcile their plans for the boy’s life: The boy wants to go to Jerusalem. His father wants him to stay in the desert.

The movie was filmed over five weeks in Southern California.

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