Ethiopia Religious Leaders’ Shares Message of Peace

A message of peace was shared by the Ethiopian Christians and Muslims leaders to the citizen in order to maintain serenity in Ethiopia.

Dr. Bitsue Abune Aregawi, the Orthodox Church, on Monday said every citizen that love peace must preach the values of peace everywhere.

“As we celebrate peace day, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church renews its commitments towards the strengthen of peaceful coexistence and tolerance in the country.”

It was noted by the Ethiopian Muslim Affairs Super Council Haji Kedir Hussen that Ethiopia is determined to attend to the anxiety of general public by means of combating poverty and maintaining the needed peace which will help the nation to achieve it goal.

Pastor Tsadiku Abdo, the Ethiopia Evangelical Churches Fellowship President, also stated that we should accommodate each other and obey the words of God. Each family should live in peace with one another and resolve any strain through the use of dialogue and discussions.

Pastor Tsadiku, went further to stated that the world is surrounded by violence and our daily lives are disfigured by conflict and turmoil. But God promises his people a peace that surpasses all understanding.

“Protecting and safeguarding peace therefore requires a multi-faced approach ranging from peace in the family and in the entire nation. Those who may suffer from lack of peace could be deprived of working from dawn to dusk,” he said.

Pastor Temesgen Bulti, the Ethiopian Unison Mission of the Seventh day Adventist International Church President, said that the ability to build peace comes from the heart and minds, and each household should address conflict as they occur.

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Pastor Dr.Kiros Lakew, Ethiopian Catholic Church Vice President, said peace is the way to affluence and advancement, peace is an inestimable asset, which should be guarded under any situation.

Pastor Zerihun Degu, Ethiopia Inter religious Council General Secretariat, said that Ethiopia is an ‘anchor of peace’; this is because peace is valued by the people of Ethiopia, and they have been engaged in a lot to restore peace and order in every part in the past.

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