Don’t Judge Them; Help Them

One of the most hardened and notorious armed robbers in England, Mr Daily Star, said that when he was in high school, his teacher called him to stand and read a passage in front of the class. He was a poor reader, and the harder he tried, the more he failed. Then one day while in class, everyone laughed at him because he could not read. In the middle of the laughter, the young Daily Star exploded in great anger with bloodshot eyes and clenched fists shouting as he left the class, “One day you will fear me! You will hate me, but this will be the last time you will laugh at me!”

He bolted out and thereafter shook Britain in great fear as a notorious armed robber till he was arrested. What went wrong? If he was just encouraged consistently, he would probably have become one of the greatest stars and responsible citizens of Britain. How many times have you been discouraged and thought it was the end of the rope? You’ve made mistakes in times past and you came out of it. If that is the case, then we shouldn’t stigmatise others, we should instead, help them out of their predicaments.

How to handle people when they make mistakes or fail

  1. Don’t treat anybody with disdain or molestation. Anyone that is not doing fine today, can end up becoming the most globally recognised tomorrow. Ben Carson – the first and best Neuro-Surgeon in the world was a hopeless dullard at childhood, but things changed for him at some point, and he emerged the best in his field.
  2. Do your possible best to improve somebody’s life today; you are sowing a seed for tomorrow because you don’t know what can become of them thereafter.
  3. It is not everything that you should blame people for, many times, what people need is a simple encouragement.
  4. Always be a motivator, not a pessimist.
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