Do I Really Want Another Child?

My family is a family of four. There’s me, my husband and our two kids. I just recently found out that I am pregnant again. Things have been really difficult for us and announcing that I am carrying a baby will be a whole new level of worry. Should I just look for a way to remove it and not tell my husband? After all, I am doing it for the family. (Wunmi, Ikorodu)


Congratulations on the miracle wrought in you by God. I’m careful to say ‘miracle’ because conception is indeed a miracle. Of course, there is scientific research to prove how conception happens. However, come to think of it, aren’t there people who have had intercourse without protection, yet have never enjoyed the miracle of conception? Things may appear difficult for your family now, but do you know if this ‘miracle’ you’re carrying is the answer to the questions on your lips? Would you rather spend the rest of your life in guilt for killing an innocent child who meant no harm because of your perceived difficult situation?


I intentionally used the word ‘kill’ because as long as that unborn baby has a heartbeat, it is already a life recognized by God. It would interest you to know that before the baby is formed in the womb, God has already prepared a purpose for that child to fulfil. So how do you think God will feel when you indirectly cut short a grand purpose from being fulfilled?


It is important you know that we all have roles to play in the grand scheme of life. No one is irrelevant before God. Each person, old or young, is important to God and each of us is an extension of the Creator.

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I encourage you to see this ‘miracle’ as what you need to propel your entire family into unlimited greatness and unending joy. Always remember that ‘children are the heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward’. If God graciously gave you His heritage knowing the current state of your family, trust Him to provide the wherewithal to take care of him or her. Just believe Him and do your part, you’ll soon look back with gratitude at how things will turn out.

History is replete with stories of ‘unwanted’ children who ended up being the saving grace of not only their families but whole communities and sometimes nations.


I know it’s hard, but be encouraged through the tough times, because God will come through for you.


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