“I joined this Church during Shiloh 2010. In 2013, I felt excruciating pains in my stomach. When I went to the hospital for a scan, the doctors could not detect the source of the pains. Later, I went to another hospital, where the doctor diagnosed me with appendicitis and suggested surgery. I rejected that report immediately.

However, the pain persisted and I was told that if the surgery was not conducted, it would be difficult for me to become pregnant; but I still refused.

When I told my mother, I was referred to the family doctor, who prescribed some drugs because there was no need for surgery. Nevertheless, the pain lingered till this year, 2015 and I discovered a lump in my breast as well.

During the Communion Service of Wednesday, October 21, 2015, Bishop Oyedepo instructed us to bring souls into God’s Kingdom. All through that service, I felt as though he was talking to me. So, immediately after the service, I began to hunt for souls. That night, I preached to a brother; he gave his life to Christ and followed me to Church the following Sunday. I also engaged in Kingdom advancement prayers and brought as many souls as I could into the Kingdom. Furthermore, I prayed for those who were sick and forgot about my health issue.

Suddenly, the lump and the pains disappeared without medications! I give God all the glory!”

Idiake Mercy Esohe