Divine Gifts from God

There have been several encounters with the Holy Spirit in Bible and in so many cases it has been discovered that most of these encounters started from when Jesus Christ was conceived. It is stated in the Bible that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit; Matthew 1:18, 20,

The Holy Spirit is like a support given to us by God via his son Jesus Christ. Possessing the gifts of the Holy Spirit is of good benefit to us as Christians. The fact here is that you cannot possess the gifts of the Holy Spirit if you are living in sin. These gifts enable us to accomplish the God-given potentials in us. The Holy Spirit is so sacred that it cannot dwell in an evil heart or in persons who does what God hates.

The following are the some divine gifts God has given to us in other to do his good works and also accomplish our God-given potentials:

The Gift of Wisdom

1Cor 12 : 8a – Wisdom is one of the principal things we need in life. When you possess God’s divine gift of wisdom, your life activities will be less difficult. You will know the appropriate  ways of dealing with people and life in general. One of the means of getting this wisdom is by praying for this divine gift and studying the Bible, particularly the book of Proverbs.

The Gift of Knowledge

1Cor 12:8b – Sometimes when we perform an extra ordinary task or win in a difficult situation we think it’s through our normal ability, without knowing it’s the gift of knowledge. The Holy Spirit knows everything, so He tends to assist when you are in a closed situation.

The Gift of Faith

1Cor 12 : 9a – The Holy Spirit gives faith. Hope or faith does not come from money or technology. The gift of faith is given by the Holy Spirit. When you have been bestowed with the spirit of faith, things begin to work in your favor, and you can command things to happen by the name of Jesus.

Power to Heal

1Cor 12:9B – Although there have been so many false people right from biblical times performing miracles, without trying to sound judgmental, the true spirit of God gives an ultimate power to heal. This is just as it happened after the death of Jesus Christ, where he gave them power to heal, perform miracles and cast away demons.

The Gift of Working Miracles

1Cor 12 : 10A – This is similar to the gift of healing. If you have not yet discovered if you have this gift, go to God in prayers ask him to express that gift in you.

The Gift of Speaking God’s Message

1Cor 12 : 10B – Here is a gift God mostly appreciated, when you preach the gospel and people get converted and change from their evil ways. There is a bountiful blessing that accompany this divine gift for you both here on earth and in heaven.

The Gift of Discernment of Spirits

1Cor 12 : 10C – This is also a very important gift. In this present world, so many false prophets, miracle workers, preachers have abound. It is therefore difficult to discern who or which of the spirits is truly from God. Nevertheless, possessing this gift will help you distinguish between worldly spirits and the true Spirit of God.

The Ability to Speak in strange Tongues

This is a gift you receive, when you are baptized by the Holy Spirit. The apostles started speaking in tongues on the day of Pentecost after the Holy spirit came on them. When you speak in tongues you are speaking directly to God, neither man nor the devil understand what you are saying.

Ability to Interprete Strange Tongues 

As stated above, no one except God understands what is being said when you speak in tongues. However, having the gift to interpret what is being said is another gift on its own which is very useful to edify the body of Christ.

Ask the Lord to express these gifts through you if you are not too sure you possess them. When you go all out to exercise these gifts by helping others, they are manifested in diverse ways and this qualifies you for more of such divine gifts from the Lord.