“On Sunday, February 21, 2016, I followed my sister from Cotonou to Nigeria, to further my studies. I also desired to work and earn some money.

During the Anointing Service, my sister and I believed God for my miracle job. Amazingly, on Tuesday, I got the job. However, in the course of the week, my sister was called from my place of work that I was dead. Immediately, she remembered the mantle but could not find any close by. So, she opted for the anointing oil, which was prayed on by the Bishop, the previous Sunday.

When she got there, people had gathered and there was chaos. As she wanted to anoint my body, the people refused saying, ‘You cannot do that here madam because he is dead.’ So, she ran out with the anointing oil, poured some on her palm and returned to where my dead body was. Immediately she laid hands on me, I began to sweat and jerked back to life.

I died on Thursday morning but by the evening of the same day, life was restored to me.  I give God all the glory!”

Owolabi John