Creating Better Harmony in our Relationships

One of the greatest happiness someone can experience is to be at peace with the people around you. In living with our fellow humans, we must first acknowledge that we are of different characters and types, and there are rules we should adhere to in relationships and understanding the laws of human behaviours.

Virtue Digest is committed to building virtuous women who can take full possession of their innate potentials and off-course their homes which will in turn better the society we live in. This is its core area of existence and obligation and therefore, there is need to be seen doing same with all sense of duty.

Consequent on the fact that Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated seasons in the human calendar, it is in tune to explore better ways of relating with one another so that lovers, spouses and the likes may have enough cognitive resources to reignite their self-professed love for one another. We talk about relationships; we talk about love; we talk about partnerships. What else?

Now is the time to emphasize it yet again, owing to its suitability for the celebration season of the feast of Valentine. In the process of building an efficient and effective society, one thing is paramount, and that is awakening everyone to the need for Creating Greater Relationship Harmony. This is a way out of many gridlocks most relationships are faced with from time to time.

Looking critically at the under-listed, it is glaring that due effort must be put in place to achieve this subject in every sphere of life, its scarcity of which has put our society in a huge dilemma. Let’s handle them one at a time.

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Make a real effort to praise your partner in as many different ways as possible. Natural cuddling acts and countenances like smiles, hugs, kisses, and pats on the back, offerings of encouraging words and demonstrating of genuine appreciation are sure bets in this regard. Presenting your best and most considerate self is part of the game plan to ensure one’s praise of another is genuine (care should be taken to offer it, if only you mean it, if possible, make such praising exercise particular). For example, express your sincere thanks for dinner reservations made: “I know you had to take time out of your already busy day to do it. So I really appreciate it”.

Don’t Jump the Gun! Relationships are made solid when impulsive negative reactions are mitigated. Since conflict occurs from a miscommunication, it is practicable to avoid leaving space for such. You can prevent this by asking this simple question when you are starting to feel upset: What do you mean by that? Or if someone appears to be upset at you…what do you think I meant by that?

Not oftentimes, there is an interpretation of what one has said correctly and that results in an upset for the reason that it violates personal beliefs. However often, the interpretation and intention are not the same. Always attempt to understand the person’s intention by asking for clarification. It will prevent a lot of conflict.

Develop Relationship Taboos: How is this done? There are ethical standards that must be kept at all times, no matter what. For example, you do not have to insult the other person’s character like calling them unbefitting names, and never attempt menacing the relationship when upset. It is same with threatening to leave one’s partner during a face-off. It most times brings about avoidable doubt. That does not mean that you cannot have a serious discussion about whether you wish to remain in a relationship or not but, never bring up this possibility in a conflict.

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With Understanding, Patience, Forgiveness, Openness, Sacrifice, you can conquer. Understand your spouse weakness and be ready to bear. Understand your spouse love language and show him love in his language. For instance if how he feels secure is by you telling him every time that you love him, then do so. Do not only show him love in your way, show him love in his way too.

Do so also when apologizing, If you understand that he prefers open affection, then acknowledge your wrong and say openly to your spouse… I’M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME… Don’t try to cut corners, it just won’t work always. Understand your spouse’s perspective to life – his attitude towards money, savings, investments, giving etc

Patience is often the key out of pressure with your spouse. Stay ready to forgive and forget the wrongs, REMEMBER, NO CARRY OVERS. Openness to your spouse can give you a warm and refreshing feel of togetherness. Always be willing to sacrifice, ready to comprise when the need arises but don’t BREAK sha!

So we can take a cue on from the aforementioned to better our relationships, not only during valentine but at all times. Valentine will always come and go but relationships and those in them will remain. Happy weekend Virtues.

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