COZA Celebrates 19th Anniversary with 100% Free Shopping Splash

As part of the line up of events to commemorate its 19th year anniversary, the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) led by the church’s welfare initiative, the COZA Care Foundation,  has unveiled plans to host a one-day free shopping experience tagged 100% free. The shopping experience will provide its participants the privilege of getting whatsoever item that’s available on that day and for free too. Clothes, shoes, bags, all paid for – 100 percent free. How beautiful!

This subtly reminds us of the early church in the book of Acts and how they ensured that no one amongst them was hungry or lacked anything as they willingly shared their resources amongst themselves. Freely we have received, freely we give!

The shopping experience will be wrapped up by a Love Benefit concert that kicks off by 6pm. If concerts at COZA are anything to go by, we already know that this is one not to be missed.

Be there!

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