God will restore your health, finances, joy and anything of your value you have lost. Joel 2:25, Isa. 61:7

Liberation means Restoration.  This is not just a liberation mandate but a Restoration mandate.

Revelation is the gateway to Restoration.

Prov. 6: 30-31, Isa 60:22

Redemption qualifies us for Restoration; we are entitled to supernatural fold of Restoration, II Peter 1:3

Your inheritance is tied to your insight, when you see it you have committed God to Restore it. Restoration answers to Vengeance. Gal. 3:29, Gen 12:3, Gen 20:2-3,7,14,17,18


  • In the Abrahamic Covenant
  • In Redemption
  • In the End-time Prophetic Agenda


Repentance: Job 42:6,7  Job 42:10. Whatever goes wrong in a Man’s life is traceable to him. (From his mind; like Job was afraid).

The Love of God: Job 2:9-10. It was after a demonstration of love that God restored Job, I John 4:20-21, every true love of God flows to men around you even those who hate you. You cannot experience Restoration in hatred and bitterness. ICor.2:9. As long as you keep questioning God, you become a question mark.

Revelation: Job 23:10, I Pet. 1:7, Job 19:25, Job 14:7-10, Job 14: 14

Trust: Job 13:15, If you drop your Faith you have closed the door to your Restoration.

The deeper your Revelation, the deeper your Trust, if you truly repent of your laxities and return to God and continue to trust Him, your Restoration is sure.



I Sam. 30:38When God leads you Supernatural Restoration is guaranteed. I Sam 30:19 If you would just yield to the voice of the Holy Spirit, Breakthroughs are guaranteed. Ps 23:4 When God leads, He renders your enemies helpless. When God leads, He goes before you John 14:10. When God leads, He works for you. When God leads, He goes with you. Your Restoration is by following God’s instruction.

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  • You must be born again, John 10:4-5, Isa 48:21. You must be properly born again. Your Next levels are inaccessible without Gods leading, beginning from today, and no more guess work in your life. Amen
  • You must desire to be led, Prov. 3:5-6. God says: I am committed to leading you if you are committed to hearing me. Prov. 16:25
  • We must Position ourselves Spiritually, Rev 1:10. He can lead you in the bedroom, while driving, on your dining table, while you are praying, even while you are praying you must be in the Spirit. We need to be Spiritual Inside-out, be spiritually positioned 24/7
  • Engage in Fasting and Prayers to locate the way to go, II Sam. 5:18-22

Prayer Points

  • Everything contrary to total health in your body is cursed today. Amen.
  • The children of Israel were paid 430 years of wages in diverse forms. Every true prophet is an agent for Restoration.
  • God is taking over your battles against your adversaries today.